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Thirteen Colonies A D&D 4E Campaign Setting Player Guide

Overall Storyline Options (feel free to suggest one to use and/or discuss) • Civil war—-northlanders vs southlanders with the issue of warforged slavery and unification versus independence on the line. • Invasion—creatures from beyond the stars land and began reshaping the land and the flesh of colonists, can they be defeated? • Infection—zombies are spreading due to a disease, can the infection be stopped? • Smugglers-you have the chance to run a riverboat and smuggle whiskey, run-away slaves, forbidden books, etc. from north to south and back again while looking for new trade routes and new opportunities for profit-can your mercantile fleet thrive? • Home-town heroes-you and your buddies build up Preacher’s Corner and then start linking it with other settlements-who is threatened by your new found prosperity and what will they do to try and stop it? • Quests for the Homelands—you decide to build up some gold, buy a ship, pay a crew, and sail out to recover your lost homelands. What awaits you in the ruins of your former realms?

Rulebooks and Rules Player’s Handbook, Player’s Handbook II, Adventurer’s Vault, and the Scale of War backgrounds (mechanically similar to those backgrounds we have available if you post a background online). 1. You need to have a character built with the character builder or send Charlie your stats and he’ll print one out for you. 2. Treasure will be divided either at the end of the night or the beginning of the next game. 3. You can only buy, sell, and trade magic items ‘in game’. 4. Don’t forget to post a background to generate some roleplaying potential and earn a small mechanical bonus.

Magic Item Division Game night will wrap up around 10:20. We’ll spend about 20 minutes dividing treasure and leveling up when needed. The players who didn’t get magic the last session will each take an item to keep the distribution even. The gold and gems and stuff can be divided up evenly each time (again a strong guideline from the Player’s Strategy Guide).

For items no one wants, you have a better option than selling them. A PC can still take an item. The next time the group is in town, they can find an NPC to trade the item to. Usually, NPCs will trade back an item 2 or 3 levels lower (rather than buy at for gp 5 levels lower). If you go on a quest for the NPC or they owe the group a favor, they may trade 1 level lower or even up (same level!).

Finally, as the PHB suggests please feel free to send me a wish list of types of magic items you want that are 1 to 4 levels higher than your PC. You don’t have to name specific items unless you really want something (magic broadsword is clear enough for example).

Also, the group can send me a group wish list. Stuff like a bag of holding that no one PC may want but that could help the party.

I’ll use the wish lists to help make treasure hoards even though I’ll throw in some interesting stuff as well. Knowing who wants chainmail versus cloth armor, what types of weapons you want, etc. is very useful and you’ll get a better GP value this way than even trading yields.

Player Guide

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