D&D Thirteen Colonies

Set Up for the Ongoing Campaign
Set Up

Thirteen Colonies A D&D 4E Setting Set Up for the Ongoing Campaign

Character Builder Please set the rules in your Character Builder to include only the Player’s Handbook, Player’s Handbook II, Adventurer’s Vault, and the Scale of War backgrounds (mechanically similar to those backgrounds we have available if you post a background online).

Ron and Bruce please send me your PC info. I can stat up your character on the Character Builder and print it out for you for the next game. If you don’t send me the character info, I’ll wing it and get one as close as possible to want you want.

Don’t forget to post a background to generate some roleplaying potential and earn a small mechanical bonus.

Magic Item Division Game night will wrap up around 10:20. We’ll spend about 20 minutes dividing treasure and leveling up when needed. The players who didn’t get magic the last session will each take an item to keep the distribution even. The gold and gems and stuff can be divided up evenly each time (again a strong guideline from the Player’s Strategy Guide).

For items no one wants, you have a better option than selling them. A PC can still take an item. The next time the group is in town, they can find an NPC to trade the item to. Usually, NPCs will trade back an item 2 or 3 levels lower (rather than buy at for gp 5 levels lower). If you go on a quest for the NPC or they owe the group a favor, they may trade 1 level lower or even up (same level!).

Finally, as the PHB suggests please feel free to send me a wish list of types of magic items you want that are 1 to 4 levels higher than your PC. You don’t have to name specific items unless you really want something (magic broadsword is clear enough for example).

Also, the group can send me a group wish list. Stuff like a bag of holding that no one PC may want but that could help the party.

I’ll use the wish lists to help make treasure hoards even though I’ll throw in some interesting stuff as well. Knowing who wants chainmail versus cloth armor, what types of weapons you want, etc. is very useful and you’ll get a better GP value this way than even trading yields.

Current PCs Feel free to keep your existing PC or make a new one. Adjust as follows. Every PC starts with 1625 XP in total and a potion of healing. You get the following magic item and GP. You can spend the GP on any non-magical items or keep it to buy some magic items later.

Andy, your PC has 400 gp and Lightning Broadsword +1 Level 5 This weapon crackles with dancing lightning. 1,000 gp Weapon: Any Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1d6 lightning damage per plus Power (At-Will ✦ Lightning): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is lightning damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal. Power (Daily ✦ Lightning): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target and each enemy within 2 squares of the target take 1d6 lightning damage.

Chad, your PC has 560 gp and Thunderburst Longbow +1 Level 4 Suddenly, the projectile explodes in a burst of violent sound. 840 gp Weapon: Any ranged (this version must be a bow) Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1d6 thunder damage per plus Power (Daily ✦ Thunder): Minor Action. The next ranged basic attack you make with this weapon before the end of your turn becomes a burst 1 centered on the target. Use your normal attack bonus for the basic attack, but against Fortitude. Each target hit takes thunder damage equal to the normal damage you would deal with a ranged basic attack with the weapon. Thundering Weapon Aaron, your PC has 460 gp and Ritual Book 100 gp Comprehend Languages and Tangler Level 4 This wormlike symbiont wraps around your arm, spitting a glob of glutinous goo to entangle your enemies. 840 gp Item Slot: Arm 840 gp Power (Healing Surge): Minor Action. The tangler makes an attack: Reach 3; +7 vs. Reflex; the target is restrained (save ends). If the attack roll is a 1, you are restrained (save ends).

Kerry, your PC has 720 gp and Tongueworm Level 3 This thin strand of quivering muscle takes root in your throat, its toothed maw ready to shoot out at your foes. 680 gp Item Slot: Head 680 gp Power (Healing Surge): Minor Action. The tongueworm makes an attack: +8 vs. AC; 1d10 + 1 poison damage. If the attack roll is a 1, you are dazed until the end of your next turn.

Bruce, your PC has 620 gp and Ritual Book 100 gp Explorer’s Fire You enchant a fire so that it isn’t visible from more than a short distance, in the hope that it won’t attract unwanted attention. Level: 1 Component Cost: 10 gp Category: Exploration Market Price: 50 gp Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana or Nature Duration: 8 hours You alter one fire of bonfire size or smaller within 5 squares of you. Light cast by the fire cannot be seen from more than 5 squares from the fire. The fire’s light is unchanged within that radius, and the ritual does not diminish or contain the fire’s heat or sounds. and Wand of Force Orb +1 Level 3 This wand carries the wizard spell force orb. 680 gp Implement (Wand) Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1d6 damage per plus Power (Daily ✦ Arcane, Force, Implement): Standard Action. As the wizard’s force orb power.

Force Orb Wizard Attack 1 You hurl an orb of magical force at an enemy. It bursts against the target and throws off razor-sharp shards of force that cut nearby enemies to ribbons. Encounter ✦ Arcane, Force, Implement Standard Action Ranged 20 Primary Target: One creature or object Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex Hit: 2d8 + Intelligence modifier force damage. Make a secondary attack. Secondary Target: Each enemy adjacent to the primary target Secondary Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex Hit: 1d10 + Intelligence modifier force damage.

Ron, your PC has 880 gp and Cloak of Resistance +1 Level 2 This crimson-hemmed cloak can be activated to provide minor resistance to all attacks. 520 gp Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn.

Michelle, your PC has 880 gp and Wyrmtooth Dagger +1 Level 2 (See Player’s Handbook II).

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