Legothos Vel'ai


Lvl 2 Elf Ranger (Archer Fighting Style) Str: 8, Con: 13, Dex: 20, Int: 10, Wis: 15, Cha: 10 HP: 37, Spd: 7, Init: +6, AC: 19, Fort: 13, Ref: 17, Will: 13 Current Gear: lvl4 Thunderburst Longbow +1, lvl3 Amulet of Health +1, Hide armor, Other mundane items

Now lvl 3 updates need to be done when time allows__

Wish list: lvl3 Hide armor of cleansing +1, lvl6 longbow +2, lvl6 bracers of Archery, lvl6 boots of free movement, lvl7 boots of the fencing master, lvl3 catstep boots, lvl3 gloves of piercing, lvl2 reading spectacles, lvl2 gem of colloquy, lvl5 goggles of aura sight, lvl5 skull mask, lvl2 amulet of mental resolve, lvl2 amulet of physical resolve, lvl3 brooch of shielding, lvl4 viper belt, lvl5 power jewel, lvl6 solitaire, lvl3 erathis’s beacon

Group Wish list: lvl4 battle standard of might, lvl4 everlasting provisions, lvl5 bag of holding, lvl5 pouch of platinum, lvl6 flute of the dancing


Born under a bad sign (giving benefit), Geography – forest, Birth – prophecy Legothos Vel’ai (elven for the green color of sunlight through leaves) was born on a late summer night with a strange green star in the sky. Many say this was a bad omen and Lego’s childhood reflects it. His parents disagree; though most would say the green light was a sign of evil they maintain the thought that it was a prophecy that he would become a great protector of the wood. The green light on that night matches a story from the old land from before its destruction. Parents can have high hopes for children and Lego’s early days showed him to love the wood but still strange things have happened that give credit to those not in the Vel’ai family. That night there the woods were louder than normal with the howling of wolves and screeching of owls, but that’s to be expected of a birth in a cabin in the woods… right. Since then animals have been fond of him but more so those of the night. He seems to find himself alone in the woods pondering at night but that feeling that you are always being watched never seems to go away. Growing up near preachers rest would seem to harden him to the unusual but with a history of a strange omen then ending up in a town burdened by omens of evil and unrest; he starts to wonder if he is part of the cause and if preachers rest is odd because others like him are drawn to the evil.

Currently he is working for Mr. Thompson to expand the logging operation but only if Mr. Thompson logs properly and replants. It’s not much of a protector but sometimes you can help more from the inside.

Legothos Vel'ai

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