D&D Thirteen Colonies

Paragon level: getting there in 2010

the possible path to paragon level

I like to see where we’ve been in our D&D campaign, so here is list of our adventures so far. I’ve always included a possible look forward to where the campaign could go based on the choices you guys have indicated to me so far are the most likely ones you’ll pursue. If we play hard, we may hit paragon level by 2011! You may want to start considering what paragon class you like and let me know so I can put some NPCs/locations/minor quests into the game to help your hero achieve that paragon class.

The other bit of news is I’m going to try something new with the adventure the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks which should start in Sept. Sporeship Wyrmwood is a sprawling location and your PCs will be able to tackle it as you choose. The exploration is likely to take four nights of gaming to finish. We haven’t tried an extended adventure before. I’m excited to see how it turns out for all of you! Many secrets and a powerful treasure can be wrested from Sporeship Wyrmwood, but the location is perilous as well.

1. 05/13 1st to 2nd Jerusalem’s Lot 2. 05/24 2nd Road to Arkham 3. 06/07 2nd to 3rd Death from Above 4. 06/21 3rd Song of Madness 5. 07/07 3rd to 4th Lurkers in Darkness 6. 07/21 4th to 5th One Small Step for Man 7. 08/25 5th to 6th? Strange New Worlds (Fecund, Lighthouse, and the Gray Woods for Lego, Oracle Clan of shifters for Sarod)

Sept-Dec: Fear in a Handful of Dust (Trent’s religious dilemma, Darius’s spell duel and nifty gadgets, and get info on Elina’s father)

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks: four adventures to gain artifact of the Earthmane Clan, learn of the Sinister Man, and find secrets of the deva for Sarod).

The Strange High House in the Mists: travel to Kingsport to learn of Darius’s mentor and Arkan’s merc company. Gain major quest with details on returning to Kruvil in a way that will make a big impact on your paragon level adventures.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011: Planetfall: Return to Preacher’s Rest in Kruvil in 2011, face Rane the red dragon and maybe the Sinister Man, and hopefully hit paragon level!



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