D&D Thirteen Colonies

Adventure Two

Adventure Two: The Unfolding Story Having saved Preacher’s Corner from He Who Walks Behind the Stars and the thing’s disciple, the Dark Priest, the young men and women moved on with life. Jace took over the role of preacher full-time, freeing up Mrs. Cloris from serving part-time.

Rosa won a riverboat in a high-stakes game of Three-Dragon Ante. She is plying the Miskatonic River living the high life.

Arkan accepted the full-time role of constable for Preacher’s Corner, much to the Stoneweather family’s chagrin. If their consternation bothers him, Arkan gives no sign.

Darrius was appointed Official Historian to Preacher’s Corner by the Arkham Historical Society. He wrote a small novel, Jersusalem’s Lot, that has gotten much local acclaim.

Legothos is scouting the local wilds for Mr. Thompson to expand his logging operation. Thompson has agreed to abide by Legothos’ requirements on proper logging and replanting while still being able to make a profit. Thompson complains constantly.

Eldon ran off with Calva the dwarf bodyguard and they are taking a walking tour of local towns. Vendigroth took over Calva’s duties as bodyguard to Sir Boone.

Vendigroth was last seen on the King’s Highway to Arkham, going to pick up the Lady Keziah Mason whom Boone is courting. Vendigroth has not returned, which is why Sir Boone is asking the young men and women of Preacher’s Corner to step up again and help find one of their own.



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