Seven island nations to the east of the continent of Americus sent colonists to this brave new world. Dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and humans found a desolate, haunted land of eldritch forests, forbidding mountains, fathomless rivers, and loathsome swamps. Terrible monsters of every kind haunted the dark byways and the remnants of lost civilizations hinted at even darker forces at work.

Dwarves found the northern Acadia Mountains to their liking. Humans claimed Essex County in the north for their own. Elves moved inland to found forest homes. Gnomes wandered south and then west, intrigued by the faerie rings and ancient monoliths they found.

Halflings spread out along ancient waterways, a crumbled ancient canal system they discovered, and into homes built on stilts above the waters of swamps. Half-elves built a colony of traders and diplomats. Half-orcs carved out a martial colony.

While the colonists struggled to build lives in the cruel wilds they met other explorers from the west.

Dragonborn clans migrated from the northern region of the Farthest West, where the Rain of Colorless Fire had destroyed their empire. They cling to small villages along the north coast. Tieflings, having been scattered by the Invoked Devastation in the south of the Farthest West claim small settlements to the south.

Deeper into the trackless woods to the west were the eladrin, mysterious fey beings of magic, pushed out of ancient cities in the west by a horrific evil. Shifters raid along the coast from villages in the far frozen north, their western culture obliterated by a barely remembered race that wanted to wipe out all were creatures. Goliaths compete with dwarves in the ancient crumbling Acadia Mountains having traveled from the west to escape the wars of other races. Devas arrived recently from the farthest west, their agenda unknown.

A great tentacled monster came up out of the Atlantis Sea and destroyed the home nations of the seven eastern races. No sailor will go to explore the ruins of the island homes.

The Rain of Colorless Fire and the Invoked Devastation have ruined the Farthest West. An ancient evil stalks the land, perhaps to pursue the eladrin again someday soon. Races who hail from the west were forced to flee as empires crumbled and madness reigned supreme.

So now the thirteen colonies of these scattered races must struggle to survive in the wilderness while superstition and madness threaten all. And the beings from beyond bide their time to strike again.

D&D Thirteen Colonies

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